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about us

Our Story Chem Alloy, is new and dynamic company REGISTERED and based in Dubai & having an associate office in India & China. We are recognized in the MARKET as one of the leading Sourcing & Indenting agents handling Basic, Specialty & Fine Chemicals.

We are Group company with over 100 million dollars in annual turnover with an excellent logistical support for prompt shipment.

Values Chem Alloy, is new and dynamic company is committed to business deals that are transparent and business ethics that are of a high standard. This has ensured smooth operations over the years and numerous happy customers. Our secret to success has been these values that have helped us forge a wonderful relationship with leading manufacturers & suppliers.

Mission Our mission is to continually strengthen our existing businesses while constantly looking for newer market segments. We are committed to continually improve our services. Cleaner environment & betterment of society hold a high degree of regard at Chem Alloy and hence we support these causes through our CSR initiatives.

Vision Our vision is of a company that will ensure inclusive growth rate, customer satisfaction & balanced environment, both, internal as well as external.